How to download rated voice Call Detail Records (CDR)


Daily rated voice CDRs are available for download from Apeiron SFTP servers.

To download CDRs Apeiron must whitelist your source IP address and provide you with account credentials. Here are the steps to enable the daily CDR SFTP inbox.

1.  Open a Ticket with Apeiron and request daily CDR SFTP access.
    Provide your source IP address in the request.

2.  Receive username & password information from Apeiron Support.

3.  Log into the SFTP server using an SFTP client.  Note:  FTP clients will fail, SFTP must be used.  Communications will happen in an encrypted TCP session on port 22.

4.  Download the CDR file.  CDRs are in .csv format.  Please refer to the support article detailing the CDR specification for field definitions.


The Apeiron SFTP server is available at s