How are phone numbers billed?

How and when do I get charged for the phone numbers I purchase?

"Phone Numbers" include both Direct Inward Dial (DID) and Toll Free Numbers (TFNs). These products are billed in advance and are billed on a monthly cycle. Apeiron will charge at 00:00 UTC of the first day of your billing cycle. For new service you will be billed for the number of remaining days of the monthly cycle. If you purchase a number, say, on 20th, Apeiron will prorate the recurring charge based on the remaining 10 or 11 days that you can use the number for in that month.

You will be billed for any prorated amount at the time of the purchase. You will then receive the first full month charge at the beginning of the next billing cycle. If you cancel the phone number in the middle of a month, you will not get a refund for the amount you’ve been billed for that month.

For pre-paid accounts when placing an order for phone numbers the amount of balance you will be required to have on your account to initiate a purchase will be the prorated amount plus the first full month of service. If your balance on file is not enough to cover these two charges then the order will not be allowed to complete.

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