Our Product

Apeiron delivers a messaging platform designed to support any business’ SMS strategy. Whether you are a small business competing locally or a SaaS with an Internet footprint, we have an integration that will work for you.

We provide great API coverage and a functional User Dashboard. Flexible inbound delivery options complement a set of high-layer features that can be used or not according to need. Features are free so pay only for what you use, but have access to more.

How it works

Standard Features

Inbound and Outbound Service
From API, browser, email, SMS or smartphone app.
SDK Support
Compliance Features
List Management
Campaign Management

Available Features

Hosted Messaging PaaS
WebEx, Slack & Skype Integration
Bot & NLP support
SMPP Interconnection
Private IP or VPN Network Interconnect

Why Message with Apeiron?

Leverage existing DID & TFNs (longcodes) to receive messages from your customers. Chances are your numbers are receiving SMS messages from customers, make sure you are receiving and processing all of these opportunities.

We provide a variety of interface options. Select and configure the methods that works best for your business and groups whether its responding via email, smartphone app or with integration to your OSS or collaboration tools like Slack and Webex.

With compliance you can configure your “Stop” words and Apeiron will automatically maintain compliance lists that are referenced in any future outbound communications. Auto-Responders can be configured to reply to inbound communications based on keywords and phrases parsed from the messages received.

Take it to the next level with visual communications to your customers with support for pictures and videos using MMS messaging.

Messaging Rates

Messaging Type Base Tier
(0 to 100K)
Tier 1
(100K+ to 2M)
Tier 2
(2M+ to 5M)
Tier 3
(5M+ to 10M)
Tier 4
(10M+ to 15M)
Tier 5
SMS Long Code
$0.0045  $0.0034  $0.0026  $0.0019  $0.0014  $0.0012 
MMS Long Code
$0.0170  $0.0129  $0.0107  $0.0089  $0.0074   
SMS Toll Free
$0.0091  $0.0069  $0.0058  $0.0050  $0.0043   
MMS Toll Free

Feature Pricing

DID Number - New $0.50  $0.50 
DID Number - Port $0.50  $1.00 
SMS Feature $0.25  $0.25 
MMS Feature $0.25  $0.25 

Apeiron Messaging Pricing also available for download