Apeiron Enterprise SIP Trunking

For Your Business Voice Requirements

Apeiron’s Enterprise SIP Trunking provides global connectivity for your business voice requirements. Whether your use case calls requires a connection to your PBX, Session Border Controller (SBC), SIP Proxy or other; the Apeiron network will deliver reliable and scaleable SIP trunking for your voice platform/s.

Enterprise SIP Trunks enable inbound and outbound communications to and from the Global PSTN. Apeiron is inter-operated with a variety of enterprise platforms which ensures a fast and easy turnup with ongoing technology and configuration support.

How It Works

Our Standard Features

SIP Interface Access
Geographically redundant primary & secondary SIP Interfaces
Registration or IP Authentication
for trunk use
Real-time Call Reporting
Via API & Dashboard
Notification framework
for voice network events
Domestic US DID Footprint
in 15000+ rate centers
International DID Footprint
in 70 Countries
Toll Free Origination
for both switched or dedicated applications
Toll Free and On-Net Termination
at no cost
Broad Codec Support
G.711, G.729a, G.722 & T.38 codecs support

Available Features

Fax &
Call Forwarding
and OffNet Overflow
VPN Support
Public and Private IP Interconnections
MPLS Network
Private IP interconnections
Load balance and fast fail-over of diverse end-links
Disaster Recovery and Voice Platform as a Service feature support

Why SIP Trunk with Apeiron?

  • Our Global Footprint

    Apeiron provides local phone numbers (DIDs) and Toll Free Numbers from 70 countries worldwide. The trunking service can aggregate inbound calls from across the footprint and deliver these communications to a platform (i.e. PBX) or directly to individuals with simple and straightforward configurations done via the web or API.

  • Our Voice SLA

    Apeiron provides a Service Level Agreement with guarantees for voice uptime.

  • Highly Monitored Service

    The Apeiron NOC uses sophisticated testing processes to monitor voice traffic in real-time. The use of both active and passive measures are deployed to ensure the highest user experience.

  • Network Control

    Clients are able make network changes to their Apeiron service with functionality extended in both the user dashboard and API. Trunk configurations, call routing and call recording are among the many functions that can be controlled in real time.

  • Billing Flexibility

    Trunk channels can be deployed with either measured or flat rate billing terms depending on customer preference & benefit.

Usage Rates

International rates are provided based on country code & city code dialing patterns. The international pricing table is available for download upon request.

Voice Usage Rates - Outbound

Direction Rate Type Rate Per Minute Billing Increment
Local calls $0.006000 6 seconds
Intrastate Lower US 48 Calls $0.006000 6 seconds
Intrastate Lower US 48 Calls $0.006000 6 seconds
Toll Free Calls $0 6 seconds
Directory Assistance Calls $1 60 seconds

Voice Usage Rates - Inbound

Direction Rate Type Rate Per Minute Billing Increment
Calls to DID $0.004000 6 seconds
Calls to Canadian DID $0.022500 6 seconds
Calls to TFN from Intrastate $0.009500 6 seconds
Calls to TFN from Interstate $0.009500 6 seconds
Calls to TFN from Canada $0.015000 6 seconds

Messaging Rates

Direction Rate Type Rate Per Message
SMS P2P $0.006500
SMS A2P $0.007500
SMS Short Code $0.006000

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