The Apeiron Bot for Webex Teams

The Apeiron Bot for Webex Teams can be used for SMS messaging, call connect, call conferencing, quick DID ordering, and much more: Apeiron for Webex Teams.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Add Apeiron Bot to the Webex Space
  3. Optional: User and Channel Permissions
  4. Apeiron Bot Commands

Getting Started

Here's an outline for setting up Apeiron Bot on Webex Teams:

  • Required: You must have an account with Apeiron Systems
  • Add Apeiron Bot to a Webex space
  • Apeiron Bot will provide a link to register the Webex team with the Apeiron account
  • Optional: Set up user and channel permissions (this will be shown on the bot registration page).

Add Apeiron Bot to a Webex Space

You can add the Apeiron Bot the same way you would add a person to any new or existing space within a team. On the Webex Teams app, select a team, click the Members tab, and select “Add Team Member”. Use the bot ID

Once the Apeiron Bot has been added to the Webex space, a registration link will be provided to connect the Webex team to the Apeiron account.

Optional: Set up user and channel permissions

On the Apeiron Bot registration page, you may set up user/channel permissions to indicate which users and/or channels can access the Apeiron Bot in Webex Teams.

Apeiron Bot Commands

Once the Apeiron Bot is set up on your Webex space, try typing examples or What can you do? and the Apeiron Bot will reply with different commands you can try. If you need help, type help or support to get in touch with the Apeiron Support Team.

Here's a list of commands you can use for Apeiron Bot:

  1. To view active calls, type active calls.
  2. To check account balance, type balance or What's my balance?.
  3. To check call connect status for an existing call, type call connect status for [call connect task id].
  4. To connect calls, type connect call between [number 1] and [number 2] using [from number] or call [number 1] and [number 2] using [from number].
  5. Check your customer number by typing customer number or What's my customer number?.
  6. To disconnect or remove a number, type disconnect [number] or remove [number] from my account.
  7. View recent MMS messages received by typing recent mms messages received for [number].
  8. For quick DID ordering, type order [quantity up to 5] numbers for trunk group id [trunk group id].
  9. Send a SMS message by typing text [to number] from [from number]: [message contents] or send a text from [from number] to [to number]: [message contents].
  10. View recent SMS messages received by typing recent sms messages received for [number].
  11. To view recent SMS messages sent, type recent sms messages sent from [number].
  12. For support information, type help or support for our Apeiron Support contact information.