Brand & Vetting Fees

Aegis Standard
Brand Vetting 1


Per Vet
(Failed Vet) 2


Per Fail
CSP Registration 3


Non-Recurring Charge
1 Aegis Mobile - Aegis mobile is one of the vetting partners approved by the registry. Through its partnership, The Campaign Registry has created a submission process within its portal to submit the additional vetting request.

2 One-time, non-refundable vetting fee for successful vets. For unscored unsuccessful vets, this fee will be reduced to $5. FEE. SERVICE.

3 CSP Registration- One time, non-refundable application fee, which includes validation with MNOs and DCAs. There is no fee for maintenance or renewal of CSP accounts.

Campaign Fees

Low Volume






Sole Proprietor


Agents & Franchise


10DLC Fees also available for download

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