Q&A with Apeiron

SIP Trunking

How can I make calls using Apeiron voice services?

Calls can be initiated from our REST API or from a SIP Interface that has been allowed to communicate with an Apeiron SIP Trunk group or IoT endpoint.

How can I receive calls using Apeiron's voice services?

Calls can be received using Apeiron by provisioning a local US DID, an International DID, an International TFN or a NADP TFN. Once calls are received on an Apeiron DID or TFN there are a variety of ways customers can interface with the Apeiron platform. These include: 1. SIP Trunk 2. Feature Server (voicemail, fax, call forwarding) 3. WebRTC gateway port 4. SBC Instance or virtual port 5. IoT Endpoint 6. WebService instruction set

Do you support T.38?

Yes we do. Configure T.38 on your trunk group during the ordering process or via the Dashboard interface after installation. Note: selection of T.38 requirement will limit the available DID & TFN footprint which can also impact pricing schedules. For T.38 requirements Aperion recommends ordering a T.38 specific trunk group to segment this traffic for more efficient use of the Apeiron platform.

What dialing formats can I use when sending calls?

Apeiron's default setting is to receive outbound calls in E.164 format and to send DID and Toll Free calls inbound to an end user with 10 digit DNIS & ANIs. We try to be as permissive as possible in allowing 1+, 10 Digit or E.164 format for your outbound dial strings.

Will Apeiron test with you?

Absolutely. We would welcome doing an engineering review with you to determine if we think our integration is configured properly. We always welcome general testing and DR/HA/Failover testing specifically. Open a ticket in Dashboard to coordinate a talk or testing window with us.

Does Apeiron support encryption of SIP signaling via TLS

Yes Apeiron supports encryption of signaling via TLS. We also encrypt the voice itself using SRTP to provide the full spectrum of encryption options on your voice trunking.

What codecs to Apeiron's SIP Trunking support?

Apeiron provides general support for G.711u, G.729a & G.722. Communicate with us to determine if we can support any variation outside of these three options.

Does Apeiron support voip transcoding?

Yes we do. Provision a transcoding trunk through the order form or open a ticket in Dashboard to initiate a conversation about your use case.

What methods of sending DTMF Tones does Apeiron support?

Apeiron SIP Trunking supports Inband, RFC-2833 and SIP INFO DTMF types.

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