APN is the Access Point Name. This provides a device with the information needed in order to connect to the network. In order to change the APN on your 4G router

  1. Launch a web browser (Chrome,InternetExplorer,Firefox,Edge,etc) from a device that is connected to the device

  2. Enter the device IP address

  3. Enter the default username & password

  4. Update the APN information

  5. Save

AT&T Control Center

KONATEL (Old account. New lines should not be activated here): KonaTel.com.attz

APEIRON (New activations should be placed on this account.): ape01.com.attz


All situations: teal


Default: fast.t-mobile.com

Verizon VPP

*Verizon currently offers two IP options; Dynamic and Static

Dynamic IP

A dynamic IP is often used for LTE routers and will change at times. The dynamic IP is a reserved IP address for internal use that can only be used by those on the same network. A dynamic IP address is assigned to a device within a closed network and is not readily available to search for on the internet. This is the default feature.

The Verizon APN for a dynamic IP is: VZWINTERNET

Static IP

A Static IP is an IP address that never changes and is used for when external devices or websites need to remember the IP address. Static IPs are most often used for private services where access is limited to certain IP addresses. A Static IP will not change and remains constantly the same.

This feature would need added to the SIM before updating the APN.

The Static IP is based on the NPA/NXX. The NPA, also know as number plan area, is the area code for a phone number and the NXX refers to the first three digits of a phone number, which identify the specific telephone company central office that serves the number.

An example to determine the Static IP APN is if a device is located in Pennsylvania, but has a California NPA/NXX, you will need to use the West APN. You can check the NPA/NXX to find the correct static IP here.

Here are the Static IP APN Options:

Northeast: NE01.VZWSTATIC




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