Apeiron Support for Legacy TDM T1 Interfaces

Apeiron can deliver a home-run DS1 facility with T1 compatible voice signaling OR will deploy a managed gateway device to the end user premisis to deliver legacy TDM services for our Origination and Termination Trunking platforms.

T1 signaling protocols supported and specified on a per T1 port basis:

  • E&M Wink MF
  • E&M Wink DTMF
  • PRI - 5E
  • PRI - 4E
  • PRI - DMS100
  • PRI - NI-2

CAS T1s are delivered as 24 B-channels and PRIs are delivered as 23B + 1D

Ordering of TDM interfaces does not currently flow through. Please submit a ticket to [email protected] provide the service address, the number of T1 ports needed and their format and we will respond with the options and information about ordering TDM trunking from Apeiron.