Apeiron Daily CDR Access Information

How to establish daily CDR generation and retrieval capability

  1. Request Daily CDR generation via a ticket in dashboard or an email to [email protected]
    • Provide your Customer Name and/or Account Number
    • Provide an IP or list of IPs for whitelist access to the SFTP server
  2. Receive your username and password from Apeiron Support
    • Username will always be your six digit customer number
  3. Test the access by logging in to the Apeiron CDR server.
    • Login uses the sftp protocol on TCP port 22
    • The system can be accessed by using the FQDN sftp.apeironsys.com and you must be sourcing your request from an IP address that has been whitelisted per step 1b above.
    • Login format is sftp://@sftp.apeironsys.com
    • Filezilla is an open-source muti-platform application that can be used to connect and transfer files via SFTP.

Schedule for Daily CDR transmissions

  1. Daily CDR records are rated and are uploaded at 2:00 am GMT daily. (6:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM CST and 9:00 PM EST)
  2. CDR records are provided in full days based on a GMT start of the day and a GMT end of the day.
  3. CDR records for two calendar dates prior to the upload date is provided in the daily transmission. If the GMT date is the 3rd then the records for the 1st will be uploaded in that iteration.

Daily CDR Format

  1. The directory structure in the daily CDR folder is cdr/YYYY-MM to access the daily files for any particular month.
  2. Daily files are named YYYY-MM-DD.csv.gz. All files are compressed using the gzip format. To unzip files use any program that supports gzip compression.
  3. The Daily CDR will include the fields found at: https://apeiron.io/docs/technical/voice_cdr_v1.2

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